Front Range Roundtable

The Front Range Roundtable was formed to "serve as a focal point for diverse stakeholder input into efforts to reduce wildland fire risks and improve forest health through sustained fuels treatment along the Colorado Front Range."
Collaborative Forest Landscape Restoration
Program (CFLRP) 

The Colorado Front Range Landscape Restoration (CFLRP) project is intended to accelerate ongoing restoration treatments that provide long-lasting ecological, social and economic benefit across a 1.5 million-acre landscape covering parts of the Arapaho and Roosevelt and Pike and San Isabel National Forests in Colorado. This project will facilitate additional treatment of approximately 32,000 high-priority acres on National Forest System (NFS) lands within the Roundtable’s designated 800,000-acre restoration zone and will be enhanced by existing and future treatments on adjacent federal and non-federal lands. A large portion of the 800,000 acre restoration zone is within the wildland urban interface and will be the focus of the 32,000 acres of treatment.

CFLRP 5-year Ecological Indicator Report
Colorado Front Range CFLRP 5-Year Ecological Indicators Report 2014 - Final (PDF .7m)

CFLRP Annual Reports
2013 CFLRP Annual Report in Word (2m) or PDF (1.5m)
CFLRP Annual Report in Word (1.7m) or PDF (2.1m)
2011 CFLRP Annual Report in Word (.6m) or PDF (.7m)

2010 CFLRP Annual Report in Word (38k) or PDF (134k)

CFLRP Monitoring Results

 4/15/13 NFF CFLR Grant Report materials:

12/12: Colorado Front Range Collaborative Forest Landscape Restoration Project: Pretreatment Stand Structure Report for 2011, by Ben Wudtke and Tony Cheng, CSU-CFRI (19.9m) 

11/12: Front Range CFLRP: Social and Economic Monitoring Report for 2011 (1.7m)

11/14/12: 2011 CFLRP Social and Economic Monitoring Results presentation (8.5m) presented by Kathie Mattor 
and the PowerPoint version (3.6m)

CFLRP Monitoring Plan

This plan was originally published in 2011. Addenda are posted below the plan. 

 2011 CFLRP Monitoring Plan (PDF 2.5m)

Addenda to the CFLRP Monitoring Plan:

CFLRP Proposal

Colorado Front Range Landscape Restoration Initiative: Proposed Treatment (PDF 279k)

05/01/10: Colorado Front Range Landscape Restoration Initiative: Map (PDF 295k) 

CFLRP Legislation 

 Omnibus Public Land Management Act of 2009 (Pub. L. 111-11, Title IV - Forest Landscape Restoration) directed the Secretary to establish the Collaborative Forest Landscape Restoration (CFLR) Program, established the CFLR Fund to partially fund ecological restoration treatments for priority forest landscapes on National Forest System lands (PDF 40k)




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